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Electronic Based Services

IT support for accountants from £5 per month
e-support (£25 per month)
The Knowledge Base is designed for all accountants who use IT, particularly those using any of the Microsoft Office products. The idea is that you can e-mail us with your IT problems, including, if appropriate, spreadsheets, documents or other files, and we will e-mail the answers back to you.

e-advice (£25 per month)
For those who want a more pro-active service, e-advice subscribers will be sent an e-mail version of the internationally acclaimed quarterly IT newsletter for accountants - IT Regularly, together with periodic bulletins on current topics of interest. Paper Based Services

The problem
Computers are frustrating. Often the productivity and quality improvements you should achieve are destroyed by irritating problems that no-one seems able to solve quickly enough.

It is often difficult to get exactly the information you require from software support desks - they may know their software, but they often don't know your business and how you work.

The Knowledge Base was set up to help accountants overcome these problems and to realise their considerable investment in information technology.

The knowledge
The Knowledge Base was founded in 1991 by accountants with many years experience in providing other accountants with IT solutions.

To supplement our own experience we can call on the resources of more than 20 other organisations and individuals with skills relevant to accountants' IT needs. We have also developed particularly close working relationships with a few key associates who help us cover core areas - business software, management training, hardware and networking.

TKB have invested heavily in information resources for the major software packages used by accountants in the profession and by their clients - operating systems, word processors, databases, spreadsheets and many others.

Our associates include experts in computer hardware and networking, who are able to help you make the right purchasing decisions in an increasingly difficult marketplace, and to ensure you obtain the optimum performance from your existing systems.

The service

Training courses
Gold Card members are entitled to discounts on our extensive range of training courses and consultancy services.

Training can be carried out in our training suite in Horsham or on your own premises. We also organise weekend residential courses for those of you who can't spare valuable working hours.

Our courses are specifically designed for the accountancy profession and will be much more relevant to your needs than any general computer course could be.

Our regular newsletter will keep you up to date with key developments in information technology. It is written specifically for accountants and includes dozens of practical hints and tips to help you make the best possible use of your existing software packages.

Telephone support
This service entitles you to contact us with problems or queries about any information technology related subject. We are used to handling questions from the very specific 'how do I do this?' type of question, to much more general questions on overall strategy and advice on product purchasing. Contact us with your IT related problems and the full resources of TKB and our associates will be at your disposal to solve them.

Executive courses
All levels of experience are catered for, from beginners to experts. Our 'Executive' courses are designed particularly for advanced users and decision makers. We can run the courses on your premises or at any other suitable location.

Software development
Increasingly software suppliers are opening up the data held within their applications so that users can access it with standard office applications such as spreadsheets and databases. We have the skills and software tools that can help you to make the fullest possible use of your data. This can involve simple exercises such as linking your spreadsheet to your in-house accounting data, or more complicated projects involving database design and modification.

The cost

One year's subscription costs from £500 plus VAT payable annually.

The guarantee
If at the end of your year's membership you don't feel that you have received value for money, we will refund your subscription in full.

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