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Excel Power data tools training and consultancy

Since the Excel Power Query tools became an integral part of Excel 2016, the number of people asking for help with using Power Query to solve long-standing spreadsheet and other accounting data-related issues has increased dramatically.

If you are already considering implementing a Power Query based solution, or just want to investigate whether the new tools might be of use in your organisation, we would be happy to discuss providing consultancy or tailored training.

In our experience so far, using Power Query to automate accounting tasks has led to some very substantial time savings.

Prices start at £400 plus expenses and VAT for a half day consultancy visit. If you are interested, please contact us at: .

The essential Excel book for accountants

From doing the basics better to creating an interactive dashboard, Essential Excel for Accountants is packed with hundreds of practical techniques and hints and tips for improving your use of spreadsheets. Just £12.99 inc. VAT for a 200 page PDF.

Essential Excel for Accountants (and others) covers versions of Excel up to, and including, Excel 2013

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100 ways to save time with Microsoft Office - animated guide

100 ways to save time with Microsoft Office brings together some of the best ideas for making your use of Office more effective:

100 ways details and order

ICAEW Spreadsheet Initiatives

The ICAEW has promoted two substantial spreadsheet projects in recent years. Twenty Principles for Good Spreadsheet Practice sets out some straightforward, common sense, guidelines for creating more reliable and efficient spreadsheets. The Spreadsheet Competency Framework sets out suggested skills and abilities for different types of spreadsheet user. The PDFs are available here:

Twenty Principles for Good Spreadsheet Practice

Spreadsheet Competency Framework

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Some of the many comments regarding the help we have provided via e-support and our other services.

If you are an accountant and use Microsoft Office products we could save you lots of time, aggravation and money. The Knowledge Base e-support service entitles you to help and support on IT related issues via email for just £5 a month.


One year's subscription to our Gold Service can gain you discounts on software, hardware, training courses, workshops, a regular newsletter and telephone/fax support.

If at the end of your year's membership you don't feel that you have received value for money, we will refund your subscription in full.

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